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Divorce Resources


  • Can We Tape?: A Practical Guide to Taping Phone Calls and In-Person Conversations in the 50 States and D.C.
  • EX-POSE (EX-PARTNERS OF SERVICE MEMBERS FOR EQUALITY): National volunteer nonprofit organization educating spouses of active duty service members, reservists,National Guard and retired service members about military retirements,survivor benefit plan,continued use of,BX/PX commissary privileges and TRICARE coverage and issues related to military pensions and social security. Publishes a quarterly newsletter.
  • Sassy Pink Peppers: What are the Sassy Pink Peppers all about? It’s about women reclaiming control over their lives and living it more fully. It’s about taking stock of your current situation and thinking of ways to improve it. If one of the critical voids in your life is a lack of single girlfriends, you have come to the right place!!!
  • Thrive After Divorce: The mission of Thrive After Divorce is to empower individuals to fearlessly create and express their highest potential.

Child Custody

  • Battered Women, Abused Women and Child Custody Conference: The Conference includes presentations, round-table discussions, and question & answer sessions with nationally-distinguished professionals whose work is focused on resolving the complex issues facing battered women as they strive to protect themselves and their children in and out of court during custody and visitation disputes. It is open to lay persons, and of special interest to advocates, social workers, psychologists, attorneys, judges, legal personnel, and others involved in the issue of battered women’s and abused children’s legal and civil rights violations by family courts, DSS, and other government systems.
  • Custody Prep for Moms: A support site provided by those that have been through the process. Intended to help fit and loving mothers who wish to continue to be the primary caretakers of their children.
  • Justice for Children: Justice for Children is a national child advocacy organization. Their site contains valuable information on recognizing child abuse and other legal resources like amicus briefs and parental alienation syndrome data.
  • The Crisis in Family Law Courts: A National Organization for Women ad hoc committee gathered and posted information, and provided recommendations for mothers navigating through family court systems.

Spousal Support

  • The Comprehensive Resource for the Interpretation and Application
    of Child Support Guidelines in the United States
  • Women’s Institute for Financial Education: The Women’s Institute for Financial Education ( is the oldest non-profit organization dedicated to providing financial education to women in their quest for financial independence.

Important legal resources

State and Local Resources


  • American Lawyer Academy: The American Lawyer Academy is an organization dedicated to promoting excellence in the legal profession throughout North America.
  • Improve Yourself Every Day: Forever Self Improvement Improve yourself every day!
  • American Lawyer Academy: The American Lawyer Academy (”ALA”) is an organization dedicated to promoting excellence in the legal profession throughout North America.  Our membership consists of lawyers, solicitors, and barristers who have been selected as members of the organization based upon their legal skill, integrity, and reputation for professional competence in their own communities.